Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions

Is your conference or event canceled, postponed, or struggling with attendance? Learn how virtual solutions and digital strategies can help recover event revenues, engage members and satisfy partners. When planning (or adjusting) your meetings, events, and conferences, keep in mind, audiences are looking for both in-person and online experiences. Satisfy all stakeholders with a hybrid event or universal platform that keeps your audience engaged with you and your content.

Holistic Digital Strategy

When evaluating your event situation, it is essential to develop a decision-making framework that will best serve your association's goals and satisfy all stakeholders; members, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, staff and partners. A holistic digital strategy will incorporate education, interaction, information, engagement, and revenue strategies that deliver results now, and in the future. We can help develop a hybridized plan that can serve all stakeholders now, while increasing the event's lifespan and long term ROI.

The benefits of having a digital strategy are endless: provide access to those that otherwise couldn't attend, deliver measurable results, learn about your members preferences, extend the life of your content, improve engagement, and ultimately increase recruitment, retention, and revenues. Check out our services below or schedule a call today to discuss your needs.


Platform - host all assets in one place online in your brand
Make it easy for your audience to find, consume, and act on content with a consolidated online platform. Extend the life of your content by hosting year-round. Monetize with advertising, sponsorships, and association calls-to-action. Promote content over time for the most exposure and engagement.

Virtual Conference - moderate and distribute an online offering Combine pre-recorded keynotes, panels, and sessions, with livestreaming, look-live interviews, and video announcements to engage your audience at home.

Virtual Videographer - a low-cost, decentralized remote filming option Capture speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors remotely to promote the event or share valuable content. This option is as versatile as Skype, Zoom, or other web recording options, but delivers better quality.

Solutions Center - an online exhibitor showcase (view an example) Host exhibitor, sponsor, and partner products, images, and videos in a centralized location for attendees to review. This exposure to partner solutions not only virtualized the exhibit floor for attendees, but it delivers lasting, measurable impact to your partners.

Livestreaming - share live video of conference session or speakers Remotely stream your best content to your full audience through livestreaming. Make it interactive with virtual Q&A, chat options and partners such as Conferences i/o.

On-Site Filming - capture and share what happens at the event
Produce Event Promos, Look-Lives, Daily Recaps, and Event Recap Videos with those that were not able to attend in person. These options not only engage members, and promote the event for the future, they can also feature exhibitors and sponsors that are looking for more exposure.

Looking for more information?

Every association is unique, and we have developed a decision-making framework that can help you decide, when to go virtual, how much to convert, and where to distribute the content so it best satisfies your members, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, and partners. We are here to help. Contact us today or view one of our recorded webinars below for more information.

The Future of Events
COVID-19 forced organizations to re-evaluate how they delivered events to their members. Dan Stevens explores lessons learned and how your association can create successful hybrid events in 2021

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