Why Video

To establish yourself and remain as the authority in your industry, associations must strive to communicate more, faster, and to a larger audience.

You’re competing for member attention with competition like YouTube, social media and the rest of the internet. But you have the thought leadership, subject matter experts, and experience that make up your unparalleled member value.

Now all you need to do is capture and distribute that value.

In today’s digital landscape, video is the premiere way for you to educate, inform and inspire your members while cutting through the clutter.

Do you find yourself saying...

"Video is too expensive"

"Members prefer our newsletter"

"We don’t have the resources"

"Where would we start?"

We get it, and we’re here to help you.

At WorkerBee.TV we help associations create content that accomplishes objectives, addresses member needs and generates revenue. Our high-touch, results driven, full-service team can supplement your internal resources on strategic planning and content generation, filming, editing, sponsorship and monetization.

Learn more about the power of video in our article So, Why Video. Or schedule a call to share your concerns and understand how WorkerBee.TV can help.