The 4 Components of WorkerBee.TV

WorkerBee.TV consists of 4 main components that are needed to use video strategically. An Online Video and Multimedia Platform, Content Strategy, Monetization and Agency Services. Each component is configurable to meet your unique needs. Whether you work directly with us at WorkerBee.TV or outsource to various suppliers, controlling these 4 key components is the recommended - and proven path to succeed against the challenges faced by today's associations.

The ONLINE PLATFORM organizes your content into purposeful channels. We can also help you develop a CONTENT STRATEGY that increases engagement and makes multimedia as predictable as your newsletter. This combination allows for MONETIZATION from increased dues and non-dues revenues by facilitating sponsorships and measuring ROI. With our professional AGENCY SERVICES, we can plan and film globally and edit in any style, from live-action to animation in 2D or 3D.


The WorkerBee.TV video and multimedia platform allows you to organize your content into channels and topics that your members can access easily. It facilitates sponsorship, brand reinforcement and calls-to-action that you control with an easy to use content management system.

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At WorkerBee.TV we help you identify, refine, plan and schedule content that will engage members, accomplish association objectives and generate revenue.

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The most critical type of monetization is the increase in member retention and recruitment that the WorkerBee.TV model provides. WorkerBee.TV can also help you to leverage online or hybridized continued education and accreditation improving pay-per-view or subscription revenue.

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Like an agency, we provide an account manager to work with you, learning and undestanding your goals and needs. Your account manager orchestrates the people and services you will need from our web, content and video teams to complement your in-house resources.

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