Filming Services

Leverage our in-house team, global network of videographers or virtual solutions for your next filming project. Our WorkerBee.TV team of project managers and professional videographers will guide you through the various stages of execution – from project planning to delivery – creating a seamless solution that aligns with your project goals and objectives. We make it easy and cost-effective for you to film anything from 30-minute interviews or half-day shoots to multi-day, multi-location filming projects.

Bee Hive Studio

WorkerBee.TV's team of expert videographers and producers understand the core objectives and requirements of a project. With this knowledge we can assemble the right crew and technology for the job. From basic single camera shoots, through multi-camera projects complete with gimbals, drones and studio options we are prepared to execute your project at the highest level. The Bee Hive Studio is ground zero for much of the content produced by WorkerBee.TV. With easy access to voice talent, on-screen announcers, interviewers, producers, green, white and black screens, teleprompters and professional grade capture and lighting equipment we can be versatile and responsive to your project's needs.

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Global Filming

Our in-house videographers are prepared to travel globally to film in your environment or at your event. However, as we all know travelling can be costly. To provide associations with the best value possible, WorkerBee.TV has vetted a global network of videographers so that we can film locally, anywhere in the world. Each videographer has been thoroughly examined and tested to ensure you are getting top of the line footage, and customer service on-site. Our team of Account Managers meets with each videographer prior to the shoot to ensure that your needs are properly planned for and communicated, reducing the risk of global filming for every association.

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Livestream your message or event anywhere in the world. Our team of technical experts provides the web solution needed to capture and stream your content instantly. On-site professionals ensure the capture and environment are ideal for quick, smooth playback. The virtual team, behind the curtain, ensures that the video stream reaches your audience instantly. Registration, gating, and sponsorship options can be added through our online platform to monetize this valuable and timely content. Looking for a livestream solution? Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Virtual Videographer

Virtual Videographer combines an easy-to-use app with one of our remote filming experts to offer you a fast, accessible, affordable remote-filming solution.

One of our experts helps you set up and walks you through your entire shoot. Your video is recorded on your approved device in beautiful 4K resolution, and your files are automatically saved to the cloud the second your shoot is over, for easy transfer and safe access.

Now you can capture crystal-clear footage of fellow members, your CEO, your board or subject matter experts from anywhere in the world, on your budget, on your schedule.

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