At WorkerBee.TV we help you identify, refine, plan and schedule content that will engage members, accomplish association objectives and generate revenue. These are the three guiding principles to an effective video content calendar.

Engage Members - Inform, educate and inspire members and prospective members through education, industry updates and partnered content that they can access anywhere, anytime

Association Objectives - Help each department achieve their objectives such as, recruit, advocate, educate and retain while reducing budgets and the effort required

Revenue Generation - Support your video programming through new and measurable sponsorship, advertising, grants and pay-per-view options in addition to increases in recruitment, retention and event attendance

The Playbook

Our Online Playbook helps you to quickly identify video opportunities that already exist in your organization, create an association-wide, cross-departmental content calendar and predict the potential revenue in advance.

The playbook introduces associations to implementing video strategically and guides you through where to start, which programs drive the best results, and how to fund your video programming. Ultimately making video Profitable, Purposeful & Predictable for your association.

Complete your own playbook in less than 30 minutes.

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