Virtual Videographer

WorkerBee.TV takes pride in driving down the cost and complexity of video for associations. As such, we have developed the Virtual Videographer solution, which is guaranteed to drastically reduce the resources needed to produce impactful video and audio content that helps you enhance member engagement and increase new member acquisition. WorkerBee.TV’s Virtual Videographer allows our in-house team to virtually tap into an iPhone, iPad, or computer and capture up to 4K video footage without having to be there in person. Imagine being able to film anywhere in the world in less time, money, and effort – an alternative option to our professional video filming services.

Traditionally, when challenged by cost, time or location, associations have used Skype or other online streaming tools to record digital interviews, which lacks control and can result in poor quality. But, through this new technology, WorkerBee.TV can record up to 4K resolution footage to a device and instantly transfer that video recording, in its purest form, to the cloud.

This solution opens up the possibility of capturing high quality interviews remotely with your members, CEO, board of directors, or industry experts and speakers – all without having to travel to their location.

Virtual Videographer can act as a turnkey solution or supplement your internal resources making it easy for your team to accomplish your objectives. WorkerBee.TV can take on roles for planning, equipment sourcing, directing, interviewing, filming, editing, marketing/distributing and more – wherever you need assistance!

Features & Benefits

  • Capture up to 4k video & high-quality audio anywhere using an iPhone, iPad, or computer
  • Equipment sourcing or rental for stabilization, audio and lighting
  • Robust quality controls (resolution, frames per second, color temperature, exposure, focus & more)
  • Record up to 4 subjects & include up to 4 collaborators to participate virtually, direct the shoot and/or serve as the interviewer
  • Teleprompter and other options
  • Retrieves raw recording files instantly through the cloud

Complementary Services

  • Project management & content planning
  • Conceptualizing, scripting & storyboarding
  • Shot composition (single or multi-camera)
  • Directors
  • Interviewers
  • Post-production editing & motion graphics
  • Content management, marketing & online platform
  • and so much more…

Getting started is easy!

  1. You can use your own device and equipment, or we can ship you an affordable kit
  2. It takes less than 10-minutes to set-up
  3. And, once you connect with the Virtual Videographer, we take care of the rest to direct the shoot and capture high-quality video footage for your project

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