What Members Want

The association landscape has changed. What drives a millennial-member is completely different than the value that the boomer member expects. The tactics that worked in the past are no longer relevant. The only consistent thread with all member demographics is that they demand relevant information and education from their association. How that content is delivered determines the engagement share you receive - which correlates directly to your retention, recruitment and revenue goals.

No matter your industry or profession, the universal truth is your members signed up for relevant information, education and inspiration. How you deliver that information, education and inspiration determines your member engagement, which determines your recruitment, retention, and revenue.

Magazines, in-person events, and classes are the cornerstones of many successful associations.

But today, people expect free, fast, accessible information at their fingertips.

It’s your association’s responsibility to serve it to them, and we’re here to help.

Our clients experience the most success by focusing on two key starting points. Ensuring your members can find you, and that when they do, your value is presented in an attractive, familiar and engaging way.

That means creating purposeful content, and delivering it in a seamless digital experience.

Check out the resources below for more information.

Create purposeful content

Creating content to inform, educate, and inspire your members takes a solid content strategy.

What’s a solid strategy look like? We see associations experience the greatest success when they integrate department objectives, member engagement and revenue generation.

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Create a seamless digital experience

Accessibility, high-quality resources, a commitment to member satisfaction, these same principles that help you provide a great member experience will help you provide a great digital experience. All you need is a platform to offer them all in one place, available to your members 24/7.

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