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why video?

do these concerns sound familiar?

we don't have in-house video technology or resources

we don't have a video content strategy

we don't know how to attribute roi to video

we think it is expensive

Video Marketing solutions have emerged to enhance the quality of video hosting and sharing, to offer support for video production and distribution, and to optimize the monetization and performance of video.

Effective video marketing can amplify the results of content marketing, social media reach, and increase online conversations, all the while increasing brand engagement and improving your SEO

If you're not embedding videos on your own website and landing pages, you can run the risk that your new, impressionable leads will be distracted by other popular video hosting site's "recommended" content. Remember, users are searching your website, not your YouTube channel.

reported success click through rate increase conversions

Video has become a strong medium to enhance brand loyalty, increase user engagement, create realistic customer experiences, and is the preferred way to learn.

With the WorkerBee.TV Content Marketing platform, it is now possible to measure, and monitor actions that viewers perform as a direct result of watching your videos, and it can be viewed anywhere, anytime, on any device.

As the image suggests, the sales funnel has changed with consumers researching online more than ever, before online before contacting a business of interest. With video, you can make the research process easy and enjoyable for prospective customers and help them learn about your brand and offering. With WorkerBee.TV's video platform, you can have multiple channels to appease your different markets. Some might include:

funnel image

product and service marketing channels

Have videos targeting towards your prospective and current customers on your products or services. Create educational videos, or how-to's, describing your product or service features, uses, and benefits. Every time you add a new product, easily add a video and link it to all other assets such as specifications, purchases or quote information, and product pages.

thought leadership channels

Create a video channel that positions your firm as an educator, a thought leader in your industry, demonstrating the value that clients should strive for, by properly leveraging the ideas, concepts, products, or services in your videos.

internal channels

Create an internal hub for your staff, sales team, and supply chain for training purposes on how to position your product or service. Post videos targeted to dealers, distributors, retailers, and use content to drive better results.

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