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video platform

The WorkerBee.TV Content Marketing Video Platform is custom fit to your brand, and integrates easily to your website. This means you will have your own video channel with all of your curated content that looks like a page on your website, but leverages our content management system and unique capabilities to create, feature, syndicate, and share your video.

Control the user experience with no third party ads or related videos that might be competitive or even offensive to your brand and messaging. With your own video channel on your website, it makes it easy for your customers to take action on your videos while providing an engaging brand experience.

video services

We're video experts and can help with scripting to story-boarding, to filming, editing, graphics creation, and everything in between. With your industry expertise we can create videos that will not only excite but also educate and inform. And we can come to you, as we film locally in more than 100 cities in North America, anywhere from 1 hour to a multi-day shot. Once filmed, our editors will build a graphics package to ensure your brand and messaging stay consistent over all current and future videos produced. The best part: you can easily mix and match what WorkerBee.TV video services you need, to complement your in-house abilities.

content delegation

Our platform back-end is complete with syndication and sharing functionalities. When your video is launched, your sales staff, marketing department, dealers, and even partners can be informed to either watch, comment, or share the video. You can even create suggested social media posts that will automatically be sent to the people of your choosing, getting them to act on every video posted.

We also work with some of the largest trade publishers in North America to help get your content in the front of your target audience.

video hosting and storage

Leave the hosting, bandwidth, and storage to us. Never worry about your website or online communications being compromised due to high activity on your video channel. And, our platform is global, ensuring a strong viewer experience everywhere your customers, employees, and stakeholders are.

content strategy

Want to do video but are unsure of where to start? We can work with you to develop an engaging and informative content strategy targeted to your audience. With our video best practices combined with our Content Marketing Video platform, you can expect longer site visits, an enhanced brand experience, and better search engine optimization.

It's essential that video content is engaging and informative. Our video team will ensure your stories are exactly that.

live streaming and on-demand video

Engage your audience from their devices across the globe. Capture events, or announcements, and conferences, or create a library of educational videos your customers can access. Live or archived, your audience can be informed on their time.
Live Streaming and On-Demand videos can be accessed free, free supported via sponsorship, or via pay per view (with additional sponsorship). If you require accredited training, then our Learning Management System capabilities will also help ensure that each person receives effective video education and recording of results.


WorkerBee.TV can make its videography, edit suites and studio available for rental. Click here to request information and a quotation.

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