Associations have unique needs and their video platform must address these needs. Our Association TV® model allows associations to configure a solution where they only outsource those elements they need and complement in-house capabilities, workloads and financial objectives.

What is Association TV®

The 4 Components of Association TV®

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The WorkerBee.TV Association TV® video platform integrates to your website and brand on any device, keeping viewers on your association website with ready access to all your resources and value. The back-end provides non-technical users with easy to use functions for creating, distributing and monetizing your video content.

This fully responsive video platform works on all mobile devices, tablets, and browsers. The platform also offers monetization, qualitative and quantitative feedback, and outbound marketing tools allowing you to share your video content to members, and your entire community.

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At WorkerBee.TV, we are content conversion experts. We help you bring your news, advocacy and education stories to life through video, all on-brand and in a professional manner.

Need help with filming or video creation?  No problem. We have local videographers in more than 100 cities across North America, whether it be in 1 hour increments, to multi-day events. We will guide you every step of the way, with access to our professional producers, writers, videographers, graphics and video editors, web and video platform experts.

Association TV® makes it easy to maximize reach, engagement and action of your video content across your newsletters, websites, chapters, social media, and print outreach.

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The Association TV® video platform supports a number of advertising, sponsorship, pay-per-view, syndication, and subscription revenue models. Solutions can be stand-alone or integrate with more traditional sponsorship to enhance your existing programs with video. We can help you plan the right mix of video solutions and you choose whether the sales of these services are internal, outsourced or both.

Discover how video can enhance your communications and create recurring non-dues revenue for your association.

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From content planning to creation, to distribution, our Association TV® platform and services guide you all the way, following video best practices to maximize time on your website, SEO, member engagement, and monetization.

Video is the most portable medium and our platform makes it easy for you to feature and share content across all of your communication capabilities, enriching your newsletters, social media outreach and your website.

Everything is measurable; our analytics will showcase the success of your communications and engagement objectives.