why video?

Video communication is fast becoming a premier way for associations to cut through the clutter to educate, inform and inspire members and prospective members about your organization.


we don't have a content strategy

we don't have skills, time, or technology to grow use of video

we don't want to expand video as a cost center

we don't want to do it poorly

association tv makes it easy

Experts are expediting a seismic shift in video consumption over the next five years. *


Video can be expensive or you can rely too heavily on third party video websites that drive members away from your association website, and services for your members. Also, these websites show intrusive advertising and related video thumbnails you cannot control, that often confuse viewers and potentially lead members to content that is competitive to or even offensive to your brand and mission.

WorkerBee.TV’s complete video solution for associations addresses these issues and ensures high quality content is available on your website. We can also educate you on video best practices, and how you can create non-dues revenue to fund future video content.

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*Source: Naylor 2014