what we do

Along with our video platform, we offer video services to complement your needs. Whether you require live-streaming or just graphics creation, you can choose the right mix of services that fits best with your organization.

Our video platform aligns with your brand and integrates easily to your website. This means, all your video content will be housed on a page that looks like another page on your website, but leverages our global back end and unique capabilities to create, feature, distribute and monetize video.

Keep members on your website, control the video experience with no YouTube ads or related videos that might be competitive or even offensive to your brand and objectives. Engage your members and make it easy for them to take action on your videos directly or to your sponsors and supporters who are helping you finance your video content strategy.

The Association TV video platform supports sponsorship, advertising, thought leadership and product/service monetization. Leverage the many banner and video capabilities to provide high value to sponsors and supporters of your association, while increasing non-dues revenue.

Need storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing and graphics creation? We have you covered. And we can come to you, as we film locally in more 100 cities in North America, from increments of 1 hour to multi-day conferences, to capture content for future use, or for live streaming events. Once filmed, we will build a graphics package to ensure that your brand and messaging stay consistent over all current and future videos produced. Here is the best part.: you can easily mix and match which video services you need, to complement your in-house capabilities.

Engage your members and prospective members from their devices across the globe. Capture association conferences and events, or create a library of educational videos your members can access. Live or archived, your members can be informed on their time.

Live streaming and on-demand videos can be accessed free, free supported via sponsorship or via pay-per-view (with additional sponsorship). If you require accredited training, then our Learning Management System capabilities will also help ensure that each person receives effective video education and recording of results.

The video platform allows you to define how each video is accessed. Have public access videos that are available to everyone visiting your website, and easily shared through your social media and e-newsletter outreach. Change your player to private access, where videos are password controlled. Want to give your members valued added? Have member-only access where you can choose which videos are only accessible to members. Create non-dues revenue with pay-per-view or subscription access to allow paid access to educational or accredited learning content.

Our system allows you to mix and match one or more of the above in one system so that each video launches with the correct access, reach and measurement.

We can help you align your video content strategy with your association’s goals and objectives to improve member advocacy, communication, and lead generation. With our video best practices in combination with our video platform capabilities, you can achieve longer site visits, strengthen search engine optimization, enhance your advocacy efforts, and generate non-dues revenue.

It's essential video content is engaging and informative. Our video team will ensure your stories do exactly that.